Revolutionize Your Printing Environment: The Benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)

Every day we partner with organizations that struggle to manage their existing fleet of printers. Often times their IT department doesn’t even know how many machines are being utilized across the organization, and more importantly the true costs of supplying and maintaining these fleets. It is estimated that around 20% of all IT calls are printer related.  That’s where our managed print offering can help your team get back to doing what they do best. Additionally, companies spend 1-3% on printing expenditures. Even slight reductions in these areas can add to your company’s profitability leading to organization growth.

Managed Print Services (MPS) offer various benefits to businesses seeking to optimize their printing infrastructure and help make their costs more predictive and bring some order to how they deploy desktop printers into their environments.

Here are some key advantages of adopting Managed Print Services:

  • Cost Efficiency
    • Optimizes device usage, reduces wasteful printing, and enforces efficient practices, resulting in cost savings and predictable budgeting.
  • Proactive Support
    • Ensures uninterrupted operations with proactive maintenance, while security measures protect sensitive documents.
  • Sustainability
    • Eco-friendly measures like duplex printing and energy reduction align with environmental goals.
  • Efficient Workflows
    • Integration with document management systems enhances productivity by reducing manual steps.
  • Centralized Expertise
    • Provides a single point of contact for support and tailored solutions based on industry best practices.
  • Scalability and Focus
    • Adapts to growth while freeing your teams to focus on core tasks.

The Managed Print Service Process


An associate will meet with you to learn how you use printers as part of your workflows. They can precisely map each device on a floorplan and capture critical data to give you a customized snapshot of your print environment.


Using this information, we create a customized predictive print solution based on your needs, as well as discuss with you your goals for the future.


Once the solution is in place, we monitor the devices for changes in usage. We can also set up automatic toner ordering so your staff doesn’t have to worry about running out of toner during crunch time. Monitoring the solution also helps us be able to reassess your program and give you details on your print history and trends.

Future Business Planning

Through collaboration between Metro Sales and your organization we can use the history and trends to plan a successful roadmap for future print needs. That might mean removing inefficient solutions, or being more strategic on what your offices printer fleet might look like in the future.


In today’s fast changing world, businesses need to find cost savings wherever possible. Managed Print Services from MSI is truly a predictive print model, where our clients can anticipate their total costs, as well as operate more efficiently. According to IDC reports organizations can lower their overall print spend by 17% by implementing a solution like this. That could result in substantial savings for your organization.

To get started and discover if your business could benefit from a solution like managed print, reach out today,

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