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Today’s educators already have enough on their plate — the last thing they should have to worry about is unreliable office equipment.

Our expansive selection of office imaging equipment and software solutions will enable you to print course materials quickly, protect student confidentiality and take advantage of developing mobile technologies. Best of all, we do it while working to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Six Reasons to Choose Metro Sales

1. Mobile Printing

With the proliferation of tablets, laptops and smart phones, learning has become accessible from anywhere, at any time. Metro Sales office solutions complement this technology by incorporating Ricoh HotSpot Mobile Printing. This technology makes it easy for your students and faculty to conveniently print from anywhere, from any device.

2. Security

Document security is critical in every industry and the education sector is no different. We understand that laws like the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) make a information security a top priority. That’s why we offer a range of dependable Ricoh security solutions to protect your students and their confidential information. Choose print management options, like secure print release, to easily protect print jobs from unauthorized retrieval and ensure regulatory compliance.

3. Managed Print Services

Office equipment can be expensive, especially when you have hundreds of students and faculty using it every day. The cost of supplies, maintenance and energy all add up over time. But printing doesn’t have to break the bank. After forty years in the print industry, we know exactly what it takes to keep your print costs in check.

Our managed print services experts begin every new customer relationship with a thorough assessment of our client’s needs. From this we develop a custom plan to help our customer choose the correct print management software.

After the equipment is installed we continue to monitor toner levels, device usage and costs. We make sure your equipment stays properly supplied and suggest further cost reduction opportunities as they become available. View our managed print services brochure for more information.

4. Service

When you have hundreds of students and staff relying on your devices, downtime simply isn’t an option. A service contract with Metro Sales means your equipment will work from the first to the last day and every day in between. Should something break, our best in class service technicians will be there to fix it for you.

While any company can claim to have the best service, we actually have the metrics to back it up. After every service call our customers are asked to give us their feedback online. Their responses are then computed into a Net Promoter Score (NPS)® designed to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. In the 2015 year we achieved a Net Promoter Score® of 89.51. That same year the average North American company had an average score of 10. Our motto is simple:

The Right Part, In the Right Place, At the Right Time, With the Properly Trained Technician®

5. Billing and Payment

You can keep people accountable for their printing without making it expensive. Metro Sales can integrate software with its print devices so you can track and charge individual groups and users, whether in the classroom or across campus.

6. Overflow Scanning and Specialty Document Production

Educators have a diverse set of printing needs and purchasing equipment to perform all of them in-house simply isn’t feasible. That’s why we built our powerful overflow copy center for specialty document production. Here we handle everything from large print projects to carbonless forms and variable data. No matter what job you have in mind, our document services department has the technology to get it done — and get it done fast!

And with our convenient online planroom, project scheduling and submission has never been so easy. Here you can seamlessly submit your print jobs and monitor their status from one user-friendly environment. To learn more about our Minnesota copy center and our offerings, visit our document services page.

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Education Software Solutions


Take document sharing and collaboration to the next level with the Ricoh Cloud for Education package.

– Simple mobile printing through Print Cloud Lite.
– Seamlessly scan to any supported cloud application.
– Create searchable text documents through OCR scanning.
– Blackboard LearnTM integration.
– Secure print release capabilities.

Visit the Ricoh Cloud for Education page to learn more.

Use PaperCut™ to monitor your print fleet, reduce costs and secure sensitive documents.

– Monitor and reduce overall printing costs.
– Simplify the way you bill clients for printing expenditures.
– Track user behavior and encourage responsible printing behavior.
– Cross-platform functionality (Windows, MAC, Linux, Novell).
– Secure print options that protect your important documents.

Visit the PaperCut™ page to learn more.


Install this simple application on your MFP to fully utilize Google Cloud Print.

– Support for Chromebook, PC and Mac printing.
– No required IT services or software updates.
– Mobile printing that simply works.
– No need for servers or expensive software.
– Quick and easy set up.

Visit the Ricoh App for Google Cloud Print page to learn more.



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