Optimizing Government Operations

Metro Sales Inc specializes in customizing advanced technological solutions for government bodies, optimizing operations, and improving service delivery by tailoring hardware and software to meet the unique needs of each agency.

Managed IT

  • Enforcing Security Compliance: Ensure strict adherence to security standards and compliance regulations mandated for government entities, safeguarding sensitive data and information.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Updates: Implement regular monitoring and updates to systems and protocols, maintaining compliance with evolving security regulations and standards.
  • Adherence to Government Standards: Align security measures with specific government standards such as FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) or NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines, ensuring adherence and compliance.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Conduct comprehensive risk assessments, identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating risks to ensure continuous compliance with stringent security protocols.
  • Audit Trails and Reporting: Establish robust audit trails and reporting mechanisms to demonstrate adherence to security compliance regulations, ensuring transparency and accountability.


  • Enhanced Document Security: Robust security features ensure compliance with government regulations for secure document handling and data protection.
  • Efficient Information Management: Streamline information retrieval and management, enable government organizations to access critical data quickly and make informed decisions.
  • Workflow Automation: Automate bureaucratic processes, reducing manual workload and streamlining approvals, leading to increased efficiency in government operations.
  • Audit Trail and Compliance: Provides a comprehensive audit trail, aiding in compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring transparency and accountability in government procedures.
  • Collaborative Governance: DocuWare facilitates collaborative work environments, allowing multiple departments or agencies to access and share information securely, fostering better interdepartmental communication and collaboration.

Managed Print Services

  • Cost Control and Optimization: Control and optimize print-related costs by monitoring usage, reducing waste, and implementing cost-effective print strategies.
  • Enhance Security Measures: Bolster document security through features like secure printing, user authentication, and encrypted transmission, crucial for protecting sensitive government information.
  • Improve Environmental Impact: Promote eco-friendly printing practices, reducing the environmental impact by monitoring print jobs and encouraging responsible printing behaviors.
  • Enhance Efficiency and Productivity: Enhance printing infrastructure, ensuring reliable and efficient print services across government agencies, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Ensure Compliance and Accountability: Ensure compliance with government regulations concerning document management and printing, fostering accountability and adherence to standards.

Document Scanning

  • Comprehensive Document Scanning: Document scanning and shredding services offer comprehensive digitization of government documents, ensuring a secure and organized transition from physical to digital records.
  • Strict Compliance with Data Privacy Laws: Strictly adhere to data privacy laws and government regulations, ensuring confidentiality during the scanning process and secure destruction of physical documents after digitization.
  • Efficient and Secure Shredding Methods: Alongside scanning, these services employ secure shredding methods for physical documents, guaranteeing complete and irreversible destruction of sensitive information to prevent any potential data breaches.
  • Certification of Secure Processes: MSI provides certification or documentation to validate compliance with government standards, offering proof of secure document scanning and destruction methods.
  • Integrated Records Management: Services seamlessly integrate scanned digital records into government systems, facilitating easy access, retrieval, and management of digitized documents while ensuring secure disposal of physical copies.

Custom Document Printing

  • Regulatory Adherence: Ensure strict compliance with government regulations and standards through our custom document printing services, guaranteeing documents that meet all necessary legal and industry-specific requirements.
  • Tailored Official Documentation: Receive specialized document printing designed explicitly for government use, meeting the precise formalities and specifications essential for official engagements and communications.
  • Top-Level Confidentiality and Security: Rest assured of the highest levels of security and confidentiality for your sensitive government documents, employing stringent protocols to safeguard crucial information throughout the printing process.
  • Streamlined Government Operations: Experience enhanced efficiency within your organization with our timely and accurate document printing services, optimizing workflows and supporting smoother processes.
  • Dedicated Government-Centric Solutions: Benefit from personalized services crafted specifically to cater to the unique needs of government bodies, ensuring precision, reliability, and dedication in every document produced for your organization.

Production Printers

  • High-Volume Efficiency: Streamline government operations with high-speed, high-capacity production printers, handling large volumes of documents swiftly and reliably.
  • Precision and Quality: Ensure impeccable precision and quality in document reproduction, critical for government reports, official forms, and regulatory documentation.
  • Security in Document Handling: Employ advanced security features within production printers to maintain confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive government information.
  • Cost-Effective Printing Solutions: Optimize printing costs with efficient production printers, reducing expenses while maintaining the quality demanded by government agencies.
  • Tailored Government-Specific Printing: Offer specialized printing options tailored for government needs, including formats, paper types, and security features designed specifically for official documentation and communications.

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