Some of the most demanding jobs are those that serve the public. At Metro Sales, we understand the unique demands that federal, state and local government employees face as they try to manage an incredible amount of information cost-effectively. We understand that you have very specific priorities and mandates. That’s why we can provide customized hardware, software and services that are more efficient, secure and environmentally sustainable.  Our document management products and services can help you stay organized and informed.

Why choose Metro Sales:

– Automate document processes to save space, time and paper.
– Securely convert bulky paper files into responsive digital files with document scanning.
– Add advanced security controls to protect confidential information.
– Protect your office from downtime with responsive service.
– Implement secure print and print management through PaperCut™.
– Wide selection of Ricoh multifunction printers, copiers and scanners.

Government Software Solutions

Eliminate the hassle of maintaining multiple programs with this fully integrated software package.

– All-in-one fax, print, device management and security solution.
– Modular build makes it easy to add features as needed.
– Simple paper to electronic document conversion.
– Single swipe keycard access and secure print options.
– Easy device monitoring, service alerts and firmware upgrades.

Visit the Ricoh Streamline NX® page to learn more.

Simplify your MFP cloud scanning and mobile printing procedures with Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment®.

– Intuitive easy to use interface.
– Scan to email and cloud applications in a single step.
– Access and search your documents from anywhere.
– Integrated cloud scanning and printing capabilities.
– Automatic OCR document conversion and indexing.

Learn more about the Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment®

Use PaperCut™ to monitor your print fleet, reduce costs and secure sensitive documents.

– Monitor and reduce overall printing costs.
– Simplify the way you bill clients for printing expenditures.
– Track user behavior and encourage responsible printing behavior.
– Cross-platform functionality (Windows, MAC, Linux, Novell).
– Secure print options that protect your important documents.

Visit the PaperCut™ page to learn more.

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