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Struggle finding paper documents? Wish you had your documents at a click of a mouse? Metro Sales can help you find the right scanning solution for your environment. From small desktop models to large industrial scanners we have the right solution for you. Connect easily via USB or on your network to give powerful scanning capabilities to your office. Find out more by checking out our Scanning Services.

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Increase Efficiency
The average employee spends 5 hours a week searching for documents. Would you be able to quickly find business critical documents in an emergency? Store your documents electronically and make finding them a breeze.
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Document Conversion
Need to do more with your scanned documents? Take your paper documents and convert them to Word and Excel, as well as make them searchable with powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
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Let Us Do It
Do you have years worth of paperwork to scan and archive? File Cabinets getting in the way? Let us help your company get into a better position. Reach out to our Document Services team today and let us scan for you securely and timely.

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