Metro Sales Receives 2017 National Award of Excellence

Metro Sales is pleased to announce that Ricoh has once again recognized us with the National Award of Excellence. Ricoh specifically selected Metro Sales from a group of 400 national independent dealers. The National Award of Excellence recognizes Metro Sales’s stellar sales performance over the course of the year. We would like to thank our customers and Ricoh for making this award possible.

About Metro Sales

With over fifty years of experience, Metro Sales is the leading independent provider of Ricoh office equipment, print software solutions, and service. Whether you’re looking to replace your office devices or improve efficiency, Metro Sales will work with you to develop a custom solution. Our sustained success stems from the emphasis we place on stellar service and support. From our humble beginnings as a small paper and toner sales company, Metro Sales has grown to become the largest independent Ricoh copier dealer in the state of Minnesota. All the while, we’ve remained true to our origins as a locally owned and operated family business. Today, we remain family-owned and are headquartered locally in Minneapolis, MN. Whether you have a single machine or large enterprise of networked fleet of systems, you can count on Metro Sales to deliver superior imaging solutions with award-winning local support.

For more information about Metro Sales and our products contact us via web form or by calling 612-861-4000.

4 Useful Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) Features

Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment

Why Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment?

As the workplace evolves, the technology supporting document management and printing will change with it. Today, mobile printing and cloud access are must-haves for businesses looking to maximize workplace efficiency and productivity. Unfortunately, many businesses are dismayed either by the cost or the lack of all-in-one print software solutions available.

That’s where Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) comes in. ICE is a basic all-in-one solution to a number of modern office document management and printing needs. Below are four useful Ricoh features your office can put to use immediately.


If your office is moving towards storing documents on the cloud, Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment offers a convenient scan-to-cloud feature. With it, you can quickly scan your documents from your MFP directly into cloud programs including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365, Evernote and SharePoint.

Optical Character Recognition

ICE’s optical character recognition feature is great for both companies with an extensive electronic document filing system already in place and those just looking to dip their toe into electronic document management. ICE’s optical character recognition feature will convert the text in your physical documents into searchable and editable digital documents, making it easier to manage, share, and secure these documents.

Secure Print Release

Ricoh ICE also provides basic secure printing without additional access cards or fobs. Simply email your documents to and enter the release code you receive back into any Ricoh ICE printer. ICE’s secure print release feature is great for office’s looking to avoid printer waste or install a simple secure print solution.

Mobile Printing

The email method outlined above also allows you to easily print documents from any phone or laptop, even if you aren’t connected to your office’s network. Simply send these documents via email to the printer, and pick them up whenever you are ready. No need to worry about someone else taking your documents before you arrive.

Where to get Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment

ICE’s features extend far beyond the four components outlined above. Ricoh also has designed specialized packages for numerous industries, like legal and education, that offer unique features needed in that field. For example, ICE can provide a Bates stamping function for law firms.

Are you ready to see how Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment can benefit your business? Contact our office technology experts today by filling out our contact form or call (612) 861-4000 for immediate assistance.

Benefits of a Wide Format Printer

benefits of wide format printer

The State of Wide Format Printing

Almost every business today has at least one printer capable of producing standard sized documents. But today’s documents come in all shapes or sizes. From construction plans to school banners, modern workplace document needs often transcend traditional print sizes.

Historically, this has meant sending these specialized wide format projects to a print shop and paying them a premium. While this may make sense for smaller organizations, many businesses can benefit by investing in their own wide format printer. And with the continued decrease in wide format costs, it is now more affordable than ever to do so!

Do I need a wide format printer?

In deciding whether to you need a wide format printer, you should consider your current wide format projects. For example, how often do you send specialty projects such as banners, blueprints, large photographs, or marketing posters to an outside print shop? If you are doing so more than a couple times a year, then you will likely benefit by bringing that production in-house with a wide format device.

What industry are you in?

The second aspect you will want to examine are the needs of your industry. While most businesses can benefit from a wide format device, there are four main industries that will see the greatest return on their investment.


Those in construction or architecture use large format printers to create large format documents like blueprints or construction models. These large format documents make it easier to communicate plans internally and with potential clients.


If you are in education, a wide format device is the perfect way to print banners for special events or activities. A wide format printer makes it easy to show support for your local team or communicate your next big school event.


In advertising, a wide format printer gives you the ability to print mock-ups of advertisements. Having a draft ready will add clarity to your presentations and sales pitches.


A wide format printer can give you a way to share your work with others if you are a photographer or artist.

Where to buy a wide format printer?

Want to learn more about our expansive selection of wide format printers? Check out our wide format print catalog or contact one of our office technology experts.

Still on the fence? If you are printing wide format documents, but are not ready to invest in your own wide format device, consider partnering with our commercial printing services center. We will take care of your projects for you at a competitive price.

Metro Sales Recognized as Eco Excellence Dealer

Metro Sales Eco Excellence Dealer

We’re pleased to announce that Ricoh has recognized Metro Sales as an RFG Eco Excellence Dealer! After auditing our business practices and collecting information about our environmental sustainability efforts, Ricoh granted us membership into their RFG Eco Excellence program for 2017-2018.

What does this mean?

Ricoh’s decision is a recognition of Metro Sales’s green initiatives and our shared corporate philosophy. Membership in the RFG Eco Excellence Program represents Ricoh’s acknowledgement of Metro Sales as a green partner. To gain membership, Metro Sales demonstrated a commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices and providing our customers with sustainable office technology alternatives.

How does this impact me?

Throughout the process, Metro Sales demonstrated exceptional competence in helping customers find green printing solutions to meet their unique needs. Specifically, Metro Sales was recognized for its expertise in modernizing printer fleets, improving printing efficiency, providing recycling programs and assisting customers with the implementation of digital work processes.

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Metro Sales Caps Off Customer Service Week with Announcement of Industry Service Award

2018 RFG Circle of Excellence Certifies Dealership

Metro Sales is excited to end Customer Service Week with the announcement that we have once again been honored with the prestigious 2018 RFG Circle of Excellence Certified Dealership award! To qualify, each Metro Sales location was thoroughly evaluated for proficiency in wide range of categories, including customer satisfaction and technician skills. Due to our outstanding scores, Ricoh recognized us as one of the “best of the best” for the fourth straight year.

“This award is a formal recognition of our superior service, dedication and technical performance,” said Jerry Mathwig, founder and president of Metro Sales. “We’ve always been committed to the idea that customer service should be more than just a slogan; Ricoh’s recognition affirms our continued dedication to that belief.

Great work Service Department!

About Metro Sales

Since we first opened our doors in 1969, Metro Sales has provided Midwest organizations with superior office technology solutions and service. From our humble beginnings as a toner and paper company, Metro Sales has grown into the largest independent Ricoh copier dealer in the United States. Today, our nine locations provide customized office technology solutions to businesses across Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Visit our products page to browse some of the innovative imaging solutions we can provide.

For press inquiries please contact Josh Numainville at or 612-861-4000.

Ricoh MIF Aquisition

Pursuant to our agreement with Ricoh, Metro Sales will begin supporting a number of Minnesota Ricoh direct customers beginning on May 1, 2017. If you’ve received a notice from Ricoh indicating that you are one of the affected customers, we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Metro Sales! In the letter below, you will find some information about Metro Sales and the transition process.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to serving you!


Metro Sales Earns 2017 Ricoh RFG Circle of Excellence Award

2017 Ricoh RFG Circle of Excellence

Metro Sales is proud to announce that it has once again received the RFG Circle of Excellence award from Ricoh USA, a global office technology company well known for their extraordinary imaging products.

The award, which Metro Sales also won in 2016, recognizes Ricoh Family Group dealers who have demonstrated a commitment to exceptional equipment support and exceeded Ricoh’s rigorous service excellence standards. Ricoh specifically commended Metro Sales for their technician skill and commitment to measuring customer feedback.

Metro Sales has always emphasized service as demonstrated by their operating mottoes of Service. Service. Service.® and The Right Part, In the Right Place, At the Right Time, With the Properly Trained Technician®.

“Excellence in service has always been central to our business philosophy,” said Metro Sales President and CEO Jerry Mathwig. “We strive to provide our customers with the best experience imaginable and to us that meant building an outstanding service department. Ricoh’s recent recognition reflects the tremendous effort Don Wimer and our entire service staff have put forth in achieving this objective.”

RFG Circle of Excellence 2017


About Metro Sales

For over forty years Metro Sales has been partnering with Midwest organizations to reduce printing costs and streamline workflows through innovative office technology solutions. These custom strategies are developed using best-in-class imaging equipment, document scanning services and comprehensive managed print software solutions. To learn more about Metro Sales call 612-861-4000 or reach out via email at