Don’t Fall into the Copier Commodity Trap!

Beware the Copier Commodity Trap

So often we hear about businesses that discuss their new copier as a commodity. Once the sale is completed, they think, the relationship with the copier vendor ends. This is what we call the Copier Commodity Trap. Buying a copier is often only the beginning of your office technology needs. What happens when that copier needs service, or your office needs additional capabilities to deal with a business expansion?

Organizations that avoid the Copier Commodity Trap have a forward-thinking mindset that gives them an edge over their competition. These successful companies see the office technology buying process as an opportunity to build a relationship with an industry-expert and plan for their long-term needs. Below you will find some suggestions that will help you avoid the Copier Commodity Trap.

Consider the Experience of the Office Technology Company

First, consider how long your office technology partner has been in business. The more experience the office technology company has with diverse solutions, the better positioned they are to appreciate emerging office technology trends. In our 50 years of experience, we’ve developed unique solutions with cutting-edge technology in five different decades. As a result, our office technology representatives have years of solutions to rely on when developing your unique office technology program. But experience alone isn’t enough. Valuable office technology partners also have a track record of innovation. At Metro Sales, we are continuously looking to improve our company and services through our Six Sigma efforts.


No matter how reliable your copier is, it will have a problem at some point. When that happens, it’s important to have a top-notch technical staff on call. For example, we provide our customers with 120 award-winning technicians. Businesses avoiding the Copier Commodity Trap realize that a low-priced copier isn’t any good if it’s always out of order.

Reputation of the Product Manufacturer

Third, it’s also important to consider the reputation of the copier manufacturer. Metro Sales, for example, works exclusively with Ricoh due to their commitment to reliability, innovation, and customer service. Subpar copier vendors often gravitate to subpar copiers. While the price will be low, so will the reliability and quality.


Avoiding the Copier Commodity Trap is important to maintaining your edge in a competitive industry. While price is an important consideration when purchasing a new office device, we have found that a low price does always result in high customer satisfaction. All too often a new customer tells us their own Copier Commodity Trap horror story. This story usually begins with the promise of a budget copier. However, these stories always end with the customer choosing a new office technology partner when the first copier vendor isn’t available when that budget copier breaks down during crunch time.

Avoid the Copier Commodity Trap. Contact Metro Sales for more information about our full-service office technology solutions.

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