Benefits of an Electronic Document Management System in 2018

Electronic Document Management Systems in 2018

Happy New Year! As 2017 comes to an end, you are probably beginning the annual process of identifying your 2018 New Year’s resolutions. Whether you are beginning a brand-new project or tackling an old idea with renewed focus, the new year is a great time to step back and revisit your goals.

It’s no different in business; the start of the new year is the ideal time re-examine your priorities for 2018. As you do so, you should consider adding one goal to your organization’s 2018 plan: developing an electronic document management system (edms).

An electronic document management system is used to store and index an organization’s crucial documents. This process makes it easier to organize and retrieve these documents down the road. But why is an electronic document management system so important? Below are three crucial reasons to support adding document management to your list of New Year’s resolutions.

Already have an document management system in place? Congratulations, you are well on your way to a successful 2018! Consider a system audit or making it easier to continuously convert paper documents to electronic files as a 2018 goal.


One of the best parts about moving your records and files into an electronic document management system is enhanced security from both employee carelessness and natural disasters. Storing your documents electronically makes it impossible for your employees to accidentally throw away or destroy an important document. Plus, cloud storage solutions prevent your records from being lost to a natural disaster such as a building fire. With electronic document management, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your documents are secure.


We see it all the time: an organization faced with a lawsuit spends hours combing through the entirety of their records to locate one crucial files. The whole process leaves them feeling like they’re trying to find a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, if they can’t locate that specific document, their organization usually ends up losing a lot of money.

An electronic document management system helps you store and organize documents in a way that makes them easy to locate. This organization is crucial if you are facing a lawsuit, deal in patient records or must adhere industry record storage compliance measures.


What do you do when two or more employees need the same document at the same time? How about when an employee is working offsite? Or when an employee wants to edit a document and add notes? These tasks cause headaches if you are storing your files exclusively in a physical format. Those headaches go away with an electronic document management system.

Scanning, indexing and uploading files to your electronic document management system enables multiple employees to share and edit documents at the same time. This ease-of-access improves real-time collaboration between your employees and has a positive effect on overall office productivity.

Now What?

Check our document conversion guide if you want to convert paper documents to electronic files but aren’t sure where to start. You can also contact our document scanning team to discuss next steps. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your 2018 document management goals!

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