5 Reasons to Invest in a High-End Office Copier

A high-end office copier is one of the best devices to add to your workplace. As well as the ability to copy at high speeds, these devices also provide a range of other functions. They can print, scan, fax, and more. Plus, they come with advanced features designed to boost productivity and save time. This guide will explore the unique features of top-tier office copiers and highlight five key reasons to buy one.

The Key Features of A Quality Office Copier

You may be wondering what separates a high-quality office copier from a typical copier you might have at home. Well, while both perform the same basic functions, office copiers have much higher levels of speed and quality. They also typically come with advanced features, including:

  • Multifunctional Modes: While a standard copier is only good for copying documents, a commercial copier may be capable of much more. High-end office copier models can print documents, email, fax, scan, and more. They do the work of three or more devices, all in one.
  • Automatic Feeding: The best office copiers have automatic document feeders. This means that you can place a series of documents in the feeder tray and simply leave the copier to automatically grab and copy them all according to your needs.
  • Automatic Sorting: Not only can the best copiers automatically feed and scan documents, but they can also sort them for you. They’ll be able to make copies in the same order as the original documents, and some can even bind or staple them together when done.
  • Nonstandard Sizes: A4 (8 1/2×11) is the most commonly-used document size for copying and printing. However, it’s not the only size. You might want to scan or copy documents that are smaller or larger. The best copiers will have no trouble with printing on varying document sizes.
  • Double-side Copying: Good quality office copier machines can also carry out double-side copying, printing on both sides of a piece of paper. This is great for sustainability, as it helps to reduce paper waste enormously.

5 Essential Benefits of a Top-Quality Office Copier

If those key features haven’t convinced you, here are some additional advantages of getting a great office copier:

Optimizing Your Operations
Companies are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient and streamline their operations. And if you want to improve efficiency, a high-quality copier is a great way to start. Multifunctional copiers with high speeds and powerful features can help you print, scan, and copy with minimal fuss.

While basic models are slow and unreliable, the best copiers won’t let you down. Even during busy times in the office, they can provide the speedy scanning and copying you need. Plus, with automatic features like sorting and feeding, employees won’t have to wait around and oversee their copying; they can simply place the documents in the tray and get back to work.

Boosting Workplace Morale
It’s so important to keep workers happy. A happy workforce is a productive workforce, after all. And workers can easily get frustrated if their office equipment isn’t good enough. An old and slow office copier, for example, can lead to a lot of annoyance among the staff.

By upgrading to a faster, more reliable model with handy, time-saving features, business owners may see an instant improvement in office morale. Instead of workers having to deal with long queues at the copier or constant breakdowns, they’ll be able to print, copy, and scan as much as they need with no worries.

Minimizing Waste
Statistics show that 12.1 trillion sheets of paper are used in U.S. offices each year, and many of those sheets end up being wasted. If you have an unreliable copier, for example, it might fail to copy documents correctly. You’ll have to reset it and redo the same jobs over and over, wasting paper in the process.

High-end office copiers are designed to be as efficient as possible. They aim to get every job right the very first time. This should lead to way less waste in your office. Not only is this good for the planet, but it’s better for your business, too; less wasted paper means more money saved.

Saving Space and Time
Paper and ink aren’t the only things you can save with a high-quality office copier. These devices are also big space-savers. Since they’re capable of doing the functions of multiple devices, like scanners, printers, and fax machines, you can get rid of all those other machines and simply invest in an all-in-one copier.

High-end commercial copiers are super time-savers, too. The best machines rarely break down, so you won’t have to deal with time-wasting delays. Plus, they’re capable of copying huge amounts of documents in a matter of minutes. And with all of those automated features, like automatic feeding, everything moves faster with one of these machines.

Stronger Security
You might also be surprised to learn that a good quality copier could also boost your office’s security. How? Well, devices like copiers and printers are often targeted by hackers. This is because businesses often protect their computers with anti-malware and firewalls but fail to install any kind of cyber-defenses for their copiers and other devices.

A copier can therefore be an easily exploitable weakness in your office network. Hackers could access it and view or steal the files you’ve recently copied. But high-end copiers have built-in encryption software, password protections, and other protective measures.

Give Your Office an Upgrade With a Quality Office Copier

Clearly, a top-tier office copier can make a massive difference to any office in more ways than one. It can boost productivity, help with morale, save money, and more. A copier is an excellent investment, but you need to choose it with care. You might have a lot of questions about which model is best for your business.

That’s where Metro Sales comes in. With years of experience and expertise in printers and copiers, we can help you make the right choice. So, if you’re seeking a printer upgrade in Burnsville, Twin Cities, Fargo, Duluth, or St. Cloud, contact Metro Sales today.

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