Technology Awards

Plenty of office technology dealers talk about excellence, but few have the office technology awards to back that talk up. At Metro Sales, we’re proud of our tradition of external recognition by industry leaders like Ricoh. Here are a few of our areas of excellence:

Service Excellence

Metro Sales has been recognized by Ricoh for service excellence over twenty times — each year a service technology award was available. From 1984 to 1991, Metro Sales was awarded Ricoh’s bi-annual regional service excellence award fourteen times, marking Metro Sales as the top service department in the Midwest. In 2013, Ricoh re-introduced their service award as a national recognition of excellence. Metro Sales has won this yearly award six times.

Environmental Sustainability

Metro Sales was recently recognized as a Eco Excellence dealership for our environmental sustainability and green technology efforts.


Ricoh has recognized Metro Sales for our strong sales history with multiple technology awards. Most recently, Metro Sales was recognized as the top Ricoh dealer for B2C Sales and Printer Sales in the nation.

Recent Technology Awards


– RFG Circle of Excellence
– Eco Excellence Dealership


– RFG Circle of Excellence
– Ricoh National Award of Excellence: B2C Sales
– Ricoh National Award of Excellence: Printer Sales


– RFG Circle of Excellence


– Ricoh Service Excellence Dealership


– Ricoh Chairman’s Award
– Ricoh Service Excellence Dealership
– Ricoh Largest Independent Dealer in Nation


– Phoenix Summit Partner Appreciation
– Ricoh Service Excellence Dealership


– Ricoh National Award of Excellence: Major Account Sales
– Ricoh National Award of Excellence: B2C Sales
– Ricoh National Award of Excellence: Printer Sales
– Ricoh National Award of Excellence: Highest Revenue