Active print management initiatives can cut printing costs by 10 to 30% according to a recent Gartner study.
Yet only 10% of all organizations are actively monitoring their total printing expenses!

Managed Print Services

Studies show that organizations spend roughly 1-3 percent of their revenue on printing; however, 90 percent of these companies don’t even know how much they’re actually spending. A managed print service solves this problem by providing immediate insight into your current costs and enabling long-term optimization of your print environment.

With more than 45 years of experience in the print industry we understand that total cost of ownership extends beyond the price of a new device. It also includes up-time, durability, productivity, service incidents, supply usage, power consumption and more. If that sounds like a lot to manage by yourself — you’re right.

Luckily, you don’t have to keep track of it all. With managed print services you don’t deal with anything besides output. We monitor usage, provide cost reduction strategies and keep your office equipment up and running. All of this gives you the ease of mind to focus on your core business without worrying about any equipment issues. What’s more, our selection of print management software means that you’ll always have options and flexibility.

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MPS Benefits





Our program integrates the following:

  • Comprehensive Print Assessment
  • Any Needed Hardware Refresh
  • Supplies
  • On-site Break/Fix Service & Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Best Fit Software Plan
  • Billing on a Per Page Basis
  • Long Term Tracking and Management of the Printer Fleet

The 4 Step Process



Our experts will come to your office, document how many imaging units you have, map where they are in your building(s) and measure the print volumes for each. We then install software to monitor the compatible imaging equipment and its performance. Doing so enables us to create a snapshot of your current printing environment and build your personalized print program.


Using the information we’ve gathered from our assessment, we create a unique plan based on your needs and goals. Our findings are then presented and we give you options to maximize your printing efficiency.

We dispose of any old imaging units and install the proper equipment for your organizational goals.

We keep tabs on your costs and recommend adjustments as necessary. Our staff will continue to monitor your needs and will meet with you as often as you like to reassess your personalized plan.


 Customized Solutions to Cut Costs and Reduce Downtime

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