Do I Need A Document Scanning Service?

A recent article discovered that, on average, companies will spend 20 dollars in labor to file a single document and 120 dollars to find a record that has been misfiled. It gets worse. The same article estimated that 1 out of every 20 physical documents are lost. And that’s just the beginning according to our infographic. Your paper files could be costing you even more than you realize! Are you starting to get a headache just thinking about it? Our document scanning service has a solution.

Whether you’re looking to boost office productivity or just reduce clutter, document imaging can help you reach your goal. Our document services department can convert your paper archives into responsive digital files. We use optical character recognition to index your records so that your employees can easily search, share and edit them electronically. This is ideal for organizations with overwhelming paper filing systems or groups looking to gain an extra competitive edge.

Is It Secure?

We understand that your documents are important. That’s why our entire imaging program takes place offline in our secure Minnesota Scanning Bureau. All computers and copiers utilized in production have no connection to the internet which means your valuable information is inaccessible to any would be hackers.

Backfile or Day-Forward: What’s the Difference?

The terms may sound confusing, but their definitions are actually quite simple. Which service is right for you will depend largely on your organization’s goals and current situation.

Backfile scanning is ideal for firms who have a large collection of physical documents that they’d like to immediately convert. In this scenario, we scan all of your documents at the same time and convert them into an accessible digital format.

Day-forward, then, can be thought of like a check-up. After a given period of time we’ll scan and digitize any new physical documents that you may create. Doing so ensures that your electronic archives stay robust and up-to-date.

So I can do both?

Absolutely! In fact, we often recommend backfile scanning in conjunction with a monthly day-forward service to organizations new to digital document conversion.

Document Scanning Services

How much could your paper filing system cost you?


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Our program is perfect for companies looking to:

  • Consolidate and secure sensitive records
  • Organize old files
  • Save physical space
  • Reduce their ecological footprint
  • Create an electronic document management system
  • Make their documents more accessible and navigable
  • Future proof their business
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Convert expensive floor space into revenue generating service space


Why Choose Metro Sales?

For over forty years, Metro Sales has combined industry experience, innovative technology and dedicated service to provide consumers with powerful imaging solutions. We build long-term partnerships with our customers by consistently anticipating their needs and going beyond their expectations. We can proudly say that our document scanning service is no exception.

How Does It Work?

It’s that easy! We’ll even shred those pesky paper files for you.



Here are just a few of the file varieties we convert:

  • B&W Files
  • Color Documents
  • High Resolution Images
  • Legal Forms
  • Mail and Invoices
  • Medical Records
  • Microfilm
  • Personnel Files
  • Wide Format Documents