World Community Grid Partnership

Did you know that you can help cure cancer, fight HIV/AIDs and stop Zika with the power of your personal computer? That’s exactly what IBM is doing through its World Community Grid enterprise.

What is the World Community Grid?

If you haven’t heard much about World Community Grid yet, you undoubtedly will soon. World Community Grid is an IBM project that utilizes idle computer processing power to support a wide range of global research initiatives. For example, computers connected to the program can contribute their processing power towards finding cures for diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis and even Zika. For more details on how it works, visit the World Community Grid website.

Metro Sales Becomes a World Community Grid Partner

Back in 2010 we began contributing our inactive computer power to the program. Eventually we created the dedicated World Community Grid center pictured above out of old computers to cut down on waste and maximize the amount of processing power we were able to produce. Since then, our 281 registered devices have supplied over 219 hours of run time in an effort to help resolve some of humanity’s most pressing issues. On August 11 we took that commitment to the next level by officially becoming a World Community Grid partner.

What Can I Do To Help?

Are you ready to take action? Here are two steps you can take to get started:

  1. Learn more about our involvement by reading our World Community Grid partner story on our website.
  2. Join our World Community Grid team and contribute your computer’s idle processing power.

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