TAM and BAM: How These Roles Optimize Your Technology

It’s no secret that modern businesses need to make considerable investments in technology to succeed. In fact, global IT spending reached $4.26 trillion in 2021. But, often, great technology and a great business model don’t properly align. The same goes for the vendors and third-party services you use. Excellent companies and robust services may not complement your business model as well as they should.

To ensure full alignment of your vendors, IT systems, and tools, MSI provides as part of our solution both a Business Alignment Manager (BAM) and Technology Alignment Manager (TAM). These resources pave the way for more successful integration in the strategic planning of your company’s technology.

What Is a Technical Alignment Manager (TAM)?

A Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) is someone who learns the ins and outs of your IT infrastructure to the point where they become an expert in your software, hardware, and networks. In this role, your TAM:

  • Learns how end-users utilize technology within your environment.
  • Assesses the environment against established best practices.
  • Documents the environment for the service teams.
  • Works with you to discover gaps in your cybersecurity protection
  • We provide a named individual whose goal is to understand how technology complements your organization. The process is designed to best understand how technology enables your business, so we understand what you do, how you do it, and provides us with the information to support you in the best possible way. This information is shared with our support team as well as your Business Alignment Manager.

What Is a Business Alignment Manager (BAM)?

A Business Alignment Manager (BAM) learns what your business needs and then ensures that your current vendors and resources, as well as your future IT plans, work to support your business’s success. In addition to ensuring your vendors and technological investments support your business model, a BAM also discovers ways you can save money by making surgical, strategic decisions. To do this, your BAM:

  • Gathers learned information from the TAM.
  • Works with business leadership regarding opportunities or issues they’ve discovered.
  • Helps leadership sort through gaps they need to remediate within their organization.
  • Plans a 3-5 year strategic roadmap to make IT budgeting completely predictable.

The first step a BAM takes is to understand your goals, culture, history, systems, vendors, and resources, peering under the hood to see how your organization runs.

Working with the Technical Alignment Manager the Business Alignment Manager will additionally gather any information the TAM has received regarding your organization’s technology risks and communicate ways to become better protected against cybersecurity threats, and protect your users and your critical information.

Your Business Alignment Manager will conduct regular strategic business reviews to review the data from the TAM. In the meeting they put the technical information in to business speak, which help you understand and make better decisions in regards to your technology needs in relationship to your business goals.

Your Roadmap to Success

The main goal of these dedicated account managers is to make IT predictable, help with technology purchases, as well as vendor negotiations and research. They will put all of this information in an easy to understand timeline.


*Sample Technology Timeline

The MSI Difference

Most IT providers are pretty much a helpdesk. They’ll fix it if it’s broke or stop out if you call (often times for an hourly rate). That is what most of our clients expected and thought they needed. After meeting with us they realized that they needed so much more in a trusted IT partner. MSI has always striven to lead our industry through innovation and offerings. The roles of the TAM and BAM create better value, a better customer experience, and a better understanding of how your office can be better protected against cyberattacks and make technology work for you. Our team is here to make IT done!

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