Metro Sales Recognized as Eco Excellence Dealer

We’re pleased to announce that Ricoh has recognized Metro Sales as an RFG Eco Excellence Dealer! After auditing our business practices and collecting information about our environmental sustainability efforts, Ricoh granted us membership into their RFG Eco Excellence program for 2017-2018.

What does this mean?

Ricoh’s decision is a recognition of Metro Sales’s green initiatives and our shared corporate philosophy. Membership in the RFG Eco Excellence Program represents Ricoh’s acknowledgement of Metro Sales as a green partner. To gain membership, Metro Sales demonstrated a commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices and providing our customers with sustainable office technology alternatives.

How does this impact me?

Throughout the process, Metro Sales demonstrated exceptional competence in helping customers find green printing solutions to meet their unique needs. Specifically, Metro Sales was recognized for its expertise in modernizing printer fleets, improving printing efficiency, providing recycling programs and assisting customers with the implementation of digital work processes.

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