Managed Print Services in Today’s Modern Office 

The trend towards hybrid work will continue in 2023, but the demand for office printers continues to rise over 2021, and 2022 averages. With this increase in users, new challenges have arisen for the clients we serve.  As printer fleets are deployed and machines are brought back online, administrators and IT departments are challenged with the renewed usage.

This creates problems for organizations that don’t know who is responsible for each device, how they order toner, or who will take care of service issues that arise. The result is often a hodgepodge of devices with no clear path, or process to manage the printer fleet.

A business can spend up to 3% of its annual revenue on printers. As fleets of desktop printers are deployed across organizations, it is important to have a plan on how you will allocate your resources.  Depending on which printer you chose, a gallon of toner could cost $12,000. Having a Managed Print Services provider like MSI can help you place the right product for each situation, and help to reign in the costs.
According to IDC, the many benefits of Managed Print Services include an overall cost reduction of 20-30%; part of this is due to a reduction of hardware costs, which go down by an average of 25-60%.  There is also a 10-15% reduction in paper output.  Having this service will reduce your printer-related help desk calls and can be a cost-saving benefit.

Paying to have printing managed may not be as costly as you think

To understand the impact of utilizing Managed Print Services, let’s look at a case of a client who worked with Metro Sales Inc. (MSI) for the first time. The new client was a Twin Cities eyewear retailer that had five retail stores, plus a headquarters and a building for training, for a total of seven locations in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul and other areas of Minnesota.

After meeting with the MSI Team, and going through their desired outcomes, our team was able to come up with a program tailored to their needs. This Managed Print Service solution provided toner as needed and onsite service and support for any problems they might have.

”The solution we provided was about the same as their current monthly costs,” explained Nghia Tran a Technology Consultant with MSI. “The savings and efficiencies gained allowed the client to add more devices, which better served their printing needs”

Print and toner costs are tangible and ROI’s can easily be seen when compared against current printing costs. The benefit to companies that may not always be seen is the time savings. Managing printer fleets can eat up a lot of time from an administrator or IT department. This leads to deadlines being missed, or other priorities being put on the back burner.

“What they [the company] didn’t realize at first, is how much time they saved in IT resources per month,” said Tran. “So, they saved both time and money with this solution”.

The services of MSI aren’t just for big companies with large budgets. MSI works with many types of businesses, including school districts and government, legal, manufacturing, healthcare, non-profits and small businesses, and more.


The real numbers: How Managed Print Services can save you time and money

When there are cost savings in one area, it can enable growth in another.

Managed Print Services from MSI can also save your staff a tremendous amount of time. With our auto-toner ordering software, new toner will automatically be shipped to you, freeing up your staff and eliminating the need to take up valuable space storing toner bottles.

If you struggle with managing your printer fleet reach out to our team today. Get in touch with a Metro Sales Technology Consultant or call 1-800-862-7414, to learn how Managed Print can positively impact your business.

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