Managed Print Services: A Guide

Printing is a fundamental aspect of any business workflow. Making sure that your business has the right documents at the right time helps maintain efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When it comes to office equipment such as printers, fax machines, copiers, and scanners, a more comprehensive approach is often needed for many businesses. That’s where managed print services (MPS) come in.

From analyzing what kind of printing solutions a business needs to making sure all the equipment functions properly, managed print services can cover just about anything. In this article, you’ll learn how they can be beneficial to your business.

What Is Managed Print Services?

Managed print services are document imaging and printing solutions that help businesses manage every aspect of their printing operations. This comprehensive approach includes assessing printing needs and providing support for your machines.

The process usually begins with an initial assessment of an organization’s document imaging needs. This includes the number and type of printers, copiers, and other imaging devices required. Based on this assessment, they will develop a customized printing strategy that can help the organization reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the overall print infrastructure.

An MPS provider will also take care of managing and maintaining the printing devices. This includes the installation of new equipment, the replacement of consumables such as toner and ink, and the provision of ongoing technical support. All of which can help reduce the IT department’s workload and minimize the downtime caused by printer malfunctions. As a client, you’ll also receive an assessment of all the costs of your printing system as well as monthly reports once the new system is integrated. This allows you to track effectiveness in the future.

Altogether, MPS can be a convenient solution facilitated by experts that can help your office run smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Using MPS has some evident and some surprising benefits. Consider the following:

  • Efficiency – When a different business is handling your imaging and printing solutions, you have more time to devote to your own business goals instead of worrying about integrated printing systems. Companies offering MPS make efficiency and convenience a priority when delivering their services, thus simplifying your workflow.
  • Improved Security – Many MPS providers help you improve your workflow through optimal document security, as well as control over printing usage.
  • Cost savings – MPS can help organizations save money on printing costs by optimizing the printing environment, reducing unnecessary printing, and using more cost-effective printing devices and consumables.
  • Better environmental sustainability – MPS can help organizations reduce their environmental impact by implementing sustainable printing practices, reducing paper usage, and using energy-efficient printing devices.
  • Access to expertise – MPS providers have expertise in managing printing environments, which can help organizations optimize their printing infrastructure and improve their overall printing processes.
  • Improved Productivity – MPS providers can help improve productivity by ensuring that the printing devices are working properly and that employees have access to the equipment they need. They can also help employees better manage their printing requirements.

How Does It Work?

The managed print services process depends on the company that you’re working with, as well as the specifics of your agreement. While it is a comprehensive approach, it’s up to you to mutually decide if you want to utilize these services to their fullest potential. There are different phases of managed print services, and you may only need a segment of these services, not necessarily all of them. It’s important to remember that managed print services are ultimately a partnership rather than a one-time service in most cases.

Most plans consist of three distinct phases.


The company you work with first needs to review your printing systems in your office environment. This includes a survey of the machines you’re using, as well as the output (both current and projected). Next, many companies will perform an audit before beginning to form a budget-friendly solution while maximizing output. Acknowledging other aspects, such as document security, is another strategy many companies use.

The assessment constitutes a detailed overview that can take some time to fully develop. It requires the company to gain a comprehensive picture of every aspect of your printing environment and workflow. It may include interviews and information on volumes, output, cost, and machine locations. In some cases, the company will request floor plans and layouts to help better maximize efficiency in later segments of the MPS process.

Once all the information is gathered, the provider will deliver a detailed assessment outlining the necessary solutions.


Depending on the assessment goals, optimizing may involve changing many aspects of the printing process. For example, certain print policies may be introduced, and multifunctional devices brought in to replace older printers that aren’t able to handle the necessary workload.

The optimization strategy approaches the system from the most reasonable angle and acknowledges the importance of efficiency, volume, output, power consumption, security, and long-term cost-effectiveness. During this period, team members will be able to adapt to the necessary device changes and policies that lead to an altogether optimized workflow.


Once the strategies have been fully implemented and put into motion, managed print services still require ongoing overview and further assessment. There should be recorded benefits of these services, including both cost-effectiveness and efficiency. In many cases, providers will use software to create reports while monitoring trends in the whole system, particular devices, departments, and costs per user. Providers should also notify you if certain changes in the printing process have to be made. Your environment constantly evolves, and it’s important that providers adapt to these demands to ensure effectiveness.

The Best Printing Approach

Your office may be big or small, but your office technology, equipment, and systems should be advanced. This will optimize workflow, keep productivity levels high, and boost efficiency while cutting down unnecessary costs. Metro Sales INC helps you create the best printing environment for your business if you’re in the Burnsville, Twin Cities, Fargo, Duluth, or St. Cloud areas. Most businesses don’t know how much they spend on printing while still not reaching maximized output. Contact Metro Sales INC if you want to optimize your printing, IT, or printing devices to drive your business to success.

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