Ricoh Green Technology

We Understand Green Technology

Whether you have a resource reduction target in mind or you are just looking to improve the sustainability of your workplace, your Metro Sales representative can walk you through various sustainability options — including modernizing printers, printing more efficiently, making use of digital processes.


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Modernize Printers

Many Ricoh devices deliver superior energy performance by adopting unique technologies and features — such as Quick Start-Up (QSU), energy-efficient toner, low Sleep Mode electricity consumption and ENERGY STAR®. Ricoh also uses EPEAT® (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool)  — a comprehensive environmental procurement standard — to help customers identify greener products by rating various environmental attributes.


Print Efficiently

A green technology infrastructure can give you the tools to solve your workplace printing challenges while reducing energy usage and cost. Ricoh’s intelligent hardware and software can help you make the most of your print infrastructure, giving you powerful capabilities such as Device Usage Reporting, User Tracking and Charge-back, Rules-based Printing and more. Ricoh’s print solutions can help you extend environmentally friendly printing to everyone — including mobile employees and guests. Mobile friendly capabilities, such as Secure Document Release, help provide flexibility while combating potential energy, paper and toner waste.

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Green digital processes

Digital Processes

Ricoh’s comprehensive technology can help you go digital — enabling seamless document conversion, high-quality image capture, paperless file storage, digital collaboration and more. A comprehensive sustainability improvement plan takes into account many kinds of processes that rely on paper. Ricoh solutions give you the tools to capture, classify and route various data formats to where you need them. From digital mail delivery to paperless accounting processes, Metro Sales can help you create an efficient digital workflow that saves paper and energy.


Create Sustainable Worplaces

Metro Sales can help you reduce your overall environmental impact through changes in your workplace — from transforming meeting and conference spaces to reducing discarded handouts with digital presentation technology. Video collaboration between remote offices or with customers can also reduce a portion of required travel and its associated CO2 impact.

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